Content Marketing To Create Brand Awareness

Content Marketing To Create Brand Awareness
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The brand is everything we hear about when it comes to marketing.  When you are a brand, selling your products and reaching out to customers becomes easy.  Being a brand takes effort, but any business or company can become a brand, why not?

In this article, we will learn what is a brand, how to create brand awareness, and how content marketing strategies are used to create brand awareness.

First, let us understand what a brand is and why brand awareness becomes so important for businesses?

We all use one or the other branded products in our day-to-day lives.  If you just question yourself, why you prefer to buy a particular product over other varieties of the same product, probably you will get the answer.  It is because of the quality of the product, the trust you have built with the product, and to a certain extent the price of the product.  Many of us are even brand addicts!

Some examples of popular brands are Lakme, Levis, Rolex, Mercedes-Benz, Maggi, Band-Aid, etc.

Now, let us understand why brand awareness is important for businesses.

The growth of any business depends solely on its customers.  Businesses can achieve their goals of success only if customers know that such and such a business or product exists.  So it is important for businesses to create awareness among people about their products.  This is called brand awareness.  In simple words, you are letting the world (people) know that you exist.

Brand awareness can be successfully achieved by content marketing strategies.  Content can be in the form of an article, a blog, a video, newsletter, display ads, etc.  Good content has the potential to take businesses to a greater height and make them a brand.

Prep Steps for Brand Awareness

  • Understanding your customer – To create brand awareness, it is important to understand who your customer is, where they come from, what are their needs, what are their pain points.  This will help you know how your business can be a solution to their needs and address their pain points.
  • Customer Survey – You can also run a quick survey and request your existing customers to give you feedback about your products.  This is will help you to create better products to cater to their needs.
  • Creating a Buyer Persona – A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your target customer.  A buyer persona is created by collecting data from your customers.  Customer surveys can also help collect data using which you create a persona.  There can be different buyer personas for a single product.  This will help your business target customers based on their position in the customer journey, their age, need, place, etc.
  • Content Calendar – Once you have known your customer through the above methods, now you can create a content calendar for your articles, blogs, ads, etc., targeting these customers to make them aware of your products.  Content calendars can differ for each buyer persona.  Content created can target customers at each point of their buyer’s journey.
  • Business Website – It is recommended that each business has its website.  A website should be clear.  It should have the business’s mission statement, the company’s growth history, clear contact page.  It should also tell your customers how your company or brand is different from that of your competitors.  What is that unique thing you are providing to your customers?
  • Company Logo – Most of the well-known brands are identified just with their logo.  Unique logo attracts customers and creates awareness about the brand and adds to the brand’s popularity.
  • Blog – Well-written and informative blogs form a strong foundation of content marketing strategy.  It is always advised for businesses to have their own blogs to publish about their products and information about the company.  Blogs also help to build audiences, who will develop trust with your brand and become potential customers.  Have social media sharing options on your blog, so that the readers can share the information with their friends and families.
  • Videos and Podcasts – Video content, as well as podcasts, are growing in popularity nowadays.  Not everyone enjoys reading or has the time to read, you can target such customers using videos and podcasts to make them aware of your brand.
  • Infographics – Infographics is also used as a method to create brand awareness.  Visual representations are easy to grasp and understand things.  This will give your customers a clear insight into your brand.

Content Marketing Strategies to Create Brand Awareness

Blogs, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc., are all contents that you will be providing to your audiences to create brand awareness, but how? How will all these forms of content reach your target customers? The answer to this question lies in content marketing strategies.

  • Freebies – People prefer free products over paid ones, so give good quality free products at the initial stage of engagement with your customers.  This will help them explore your brand and if the product is good, they will return to your brand again.
  • Word of mouth marketing – If you have a good quality product and your customers are satisfied with your brand, they will recommend your brand to their families and friends.  This works very well to attain brand popularity.
  • Organic Traffic – Make your website and blogs SEO optimized.  SEO optimization helps your website to rank better on google search.  When the website or blog appears on the first page of google search, you will get a lot of organic traffic, which will help in the growth of your brand.  This traffic can be converted into leads for your business after they have developed trust with your brand.  You can also sell products to your audiences using your blog or websites.
  • Social Media Presence – We all know how important social media is in the present day.  Your brand should make a social media presence.  Each social media is unique in its own way and you can promote your brand either by telling a story or having a picture depending on the medium you are using.  Followers of your brand on social media can also be converted into potential customers because they are already aware of your brand.  The popularity of your brand grows as your social media followers grow.
  • Landing Pages – Create a landing page for your business and promote the landing page and get leads for email marketing.  Landing pages can get traffic to your website to create brand awareness.  Landing pages also help leads to convert into potential customers.
  • Email marketing – Once people are aware of your brand, you can ask them for their email IDs using landing pages or survey forms.  If they agree to receive emails from you, you can send them emails updating them about your business, new products, etc., and nurture the leads.  This way they will be in constant touch with your brand and be aware of all new happenings.
  • Paid ads – Paid ads such as google ads and Facebook ads have the potential to reach a lot of target audiences.  This helps in brand awareness as well as sales.  You also have the option to customize your ads.  You can decide on what goal you want your ads to achieve and run ads according to it.  This is the most effective way to create brand awareness.
  • Engage With Your Customers – Digital marketing is two-way communication.  It is important to answer queries related to your products immediately, accept negative and positive feedbacks, and build trust with customers.

These content marketing strategies for brand awareness are a continuous process.  These methods help your brand engage with your old customers as well as new customers.  These also help in each part of the buyer’s journey.  This process does not end with a customer making a purchase.  Once you develop trust with the customers, your customers will always remain yours and your brand will be the best and popular one.

I hope this article was informative and you enjoyed reading it and gained some knowledge on content marketing to create brand awareness.  Please leave your comments below.

Thank you.

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